🚀 Bull-Run Back On?

Institutional Adoption, Mary-Jane, and Un-real Estate

Good morning. It is Wednesday my dudes, and it’s really vibing like a Wednesday isn’t it?


⛓ 💳 Venmo enters the crypto arena, and we’re taking bets on who’s next for inevitable institutional adoption

🌲 Mary Jane - Celebrating 4/20 with the leading ladies of the cannabis industry

🏜 Why virtual land is selling for more than real land, and Atari’s plans to grab a slice of the NFT-space-pie

Quick Bites

  • Be like Buffett and invest in a cryptocurrency index! No, Warren Buffett didn’t actually say that, but Redditor u/brokemac makes a good case for investing in cryptocurrency indexes in the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit

  • Netflix shares take an 11% dive after Q1 2021 earnings report falls short

  • Dogecoin ends the day down 21% and the Doge Army walks away from a much-hyped 4/20 ‘Doge Day’ with their tails between their legs

  • Gaming chat platform (and Zoomer Money staple) Discord has ended its talks with Microsoft and intends to eventually move forward with its own IPO. This could either be good or bad news for its users

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Venmo Breathes Life Back Into The Bull Run 🐂

Yesterday, Venmo announced Crypto by Venmo, with a slick promotional video to roll out it’s debut crypto product. Given that Venmo is PayPal’s child, it’s no surprise that Venmo offers the same four cryptocurrencies that PayPal supports: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. And, Venmo, like it’s parent, will only support the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and not the withdrawal or deposit of them. New users may find it’s an easy way to buy and HODL, but it doesn’t do much for helping educate about staking and putting your crypto to work, because Venmo and PayPal are non-custodial, meaning another party holds your private key and ultimately controls your funds.

Venmo’s rolling out of crypto payments supports the institutional adoption narrative—that financial institutions integrating cryptocurrencies into their existing platforms is the catalyst that will spark mass adoption. The dream of paying for Starbs with your crypto is so close.

Cash App, Paypal, Venmo… who’s next to support crypto? Tweet your best guesses or shill your favorite $#!%coins to us @zoomer_money on Twitter, if you’re right we might give you a prize 😉

Hodling the Line

Since the announcement, the overall cryptocurrency market (except Dogecoin) has started to bounce back—slightly—with Ethereum up roughly 6% and Bitcoin nearly even since the announcement. Returning to reality?

In the Weed Biz, Girlz Rule 👯‍♀️🍁

This year, 4/20—a Zoomer’s favorite holiday—fell between our tri-weekly publishing schedule. Next year we promise to hit you with a true 4/20 edition when it falls on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday …or (fingers crossed) we end up publishing a newsletter every single day.

Better late than never, today we’re highlighting some badass ladies making big waves (clouds?) in the Cannabis industry. As the leadership gap with women in executive roles closes, the cannabis industry is at the forefront of reducing gender disparity. While other industries have been slow to close the gap of female representation in the workplace, the cannabis industry has done exceptionally better, with 37% of senior-level positions held by women compared to the national average of 21%.

Founding Mothers

Here’s a list of 7 pioneering female cannabis founders and their companies

(Source: Forbes)

Virtual Land > Real Land 🏕

You’ve heard your uncle utter the line “I’ve been playing video games since the Atari!!” whenever he feels self-conscious watching you play Call of Duty (or if you’re a true Zoomer, Valorant). Well—believe it not—Atari is a real company that still survives today.

Atari told news outlet Reuters about their plans to grab a slice of the NFT pie. So far, Atari has been quiet about the details, stating that they are building their own blockchain based digital world. Maybe your uncle can buy a piece of the Pitfall! jungle (or if he’s a true uncle, River Raid).

“Online environments are going to be "very very big", regardless of fluctuations in the price of bitcoin” - Frederic Chesnais, Head of Atari Blockchain Division

NFT fanatics justify the price and speed at which they buy limited pieces of digital land by comparing it to buying up popular domain names in the early days of the internet.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Metaverse (what the cool kids are calling the NFT virtual land space), sales have topped US $50 million. Some of the most popular platforms are Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Foundation.

Decentraland sold a piece of virtual land for $525,000… for reference you can snag a single family home for about $290K in Florida, but there’s no hurricanes on the blockchain right? At least from your virtual home you can still order a real Domino’s pizza

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