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Good Morning. The Miami Bitcoin Conference happened and fans from all around gathered to praise the cryptocurrency, sending the price of Bitcoin soaring to new—wait what’s that? It didn’t do anything?! Oh.

Price Check 📉

⬆️  Bitcoin: $36,665 (+1.6%)

⬆️   Ethereum: $2,829 (+4.3%)

🚀   Dogecoin: $0.3744 (+24.2%)

⬆️   SushiSwap: $11.77 (+0.9%)

⬆️    Polygon: $1.69 (+7.9%)

⬆️    Solana: $43.78 (+6.6%)

Prices as of 2 AM EST 6/7, data from Coingecko, Yahoo
  • Markets: U.S. stock futures dipped a bit this morning after closing last week just below record highs, amidst round two of the meme stock saga. Elon continues to A/B test the crypto market with his Tweets.

  • Covid: A dangerous virus variant has British tourists hurrying to leave Portugal over the weekend to beat a Tuesday deadline for a new quarantine on those returning from Portugal.


About Miami… 🕶️

South Beach and Satoshis 🏖️

The largest Bitcoin event in history is in the books. How it went will depend on who you ask though…

Bitcoin folks described the event as a “dream come true”

The Ethereum crowd called it “cringey” making fun of the Bitcoin conference the entire weekend for it’s striking similarities to a multi-level-marketing event.

Tribalism was a big theme over the weekend, with the Bitcoin vs. Ethereum debate getting as spicy as ever.

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey doubled down on his Bitcoin maximalism, saying “no other coins matter” and that “we don’t deal with any other ‘currencies’ or ‘coins’ because we’re so focused on making Bitcoin the native currency for the internet,” Whoever told Jack about Ethereum, clearly didn't do a very good job.

Some 🌶 takes from Twitter during the conference

iamDCinvestor on the difference between the Ethereum crowd and the Bitcoin crowd


The croissant wants us all to stop fighting

Some saw the event as a signal to bet on other blockchains

DeFi Miami ???

Andrew from Cointelegraph managed to track down a developer at Yearn Finance who was (spying?) only two blocks away from the Bitcoin Miami entrance.

Flanked on all sides by clueless Bitcoiners, pseudonymous Yearn Finance vault security specialist "Doggy B" chatted with Cointelegraph about the future of the yield vault protocol — the anoles scurrying by our feet just as oblivious to the alpha being leaked as the maxis chatting about Tony Hawk and Floyd Mayweather. 

Doggy B (most likely Banteg right?) talked about the future plans for Yearn Finance including upcoming products, layer-2 plans, growth, and their quickly expanding team.

The whole convo here.


Super Follow Me ✨

Blockchain based social platforms may be the next big thing, but centralized social apps aren’t throwing in the towel just yet.

In February, Twitter announced they were working on a “Super Follows” app where influencers will be able to charge followers for premium content.

Yesterday, savvy app researcher Jane Wong leaked screenshots of what she claims the Super Follow app will look like:

Big Picture

Offering business tools for content creators to monetize their content is the cool thing to do right now if you’re a social media app.

Patreon, Twitch, Substack(❤️), and YouTube are all platforms that provide creators the tools to run a monthly subscription service, and soon Twitter.

The creator economy is among us 👩‍💻


Gas For the Low ⛽

If you’ve been waiting for Ethereum network fees (gas fees) to come down to make a swap or exit a liquidity pool, now is the time!

Gas prices hit single digits for the first time in 2021 yesterday. The average transaction fee on the Ethereum network has fallen to $3.70—down from $70 in May.

Here are some tips from @wongisrite on what to do when gas fees are going for the low 👇

live gas prices here

Looking Ahead

Investors, NFT-heads, and DeFi-apes await the highly anticipated Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP-1559) which is scheduled for next month 🙀


Ethereum addresses continue to rise with no sign of slowing down.

At the same time gas fees reached new yearly lows. Is this what scaling looks like? 😍

ETH on exchanges reached all time low, which is considered a good sign for bulls 🐂

This means that more and more Ethereum investors are sending their ETH out of their exchange and into the DeFi ecosystem!

Small Bitez 📰


From NYT to NFT 🌈

Artist Juan Carlos Pagan—turns 50 Years of Pride cover— commissioned by the New York Times into an NFT on the digital artwork platform SuperRare.

Since Pride month is upon us. I’ve decided that my genesis release on SuperRare will be a piece in support of the LGBTQ community. Originally commissioned by The New York Times, the 50 Years of Pride cover marks a seminal moment in the gay community, The Stone Wall Inn riots. Half-century ago, the police and patrons clashed at a gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village NYC. That clash helped spark a movement that continues to this day. The riot poured out onto Christopher Street where the pride colors now intersect with the street crosswalk lines. This is where I drew the inspiration for the artwork. I will now turn this cover into an NFT so this story can live in the Metaverse eternally.

I will be donating 10% of the sale of this NFT to the LGBT Center in NYC

Busy with the worries of the day, we sometimes overlook the defining moments in history that shaped what it means to be alive today. And during these times, an immutable NFT monument will forever stand, a constant reminder to anyone who would dare forget.

P.S. Here’s an update on Elon…

here. we. go. again.

Thanks for reading! 👋

written by Bay & JB

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